The jewelry from Addicted To, is made in silver 925 (unless otherwise is specified in the description). This means it has a proportion of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, in our case most of the times is copper to minimize the risk of allergies.

Our jewels that have been dipped in gold have a bath between 1 and 2 microns, which allows the gold to be more durable and resistant, preventing stains and discolorations.

This gold bath will not last forever, so with these jewels is important to maintain a proper care.
One of the features of our products is their brightness, so all the jewels have been treated with a technique that helps maintain brightness and prevent possible losses. Yet it is very important to follow the recommendations of our jewelry care:

- Avoid applying perfume, cologne, alcohol or derivatives on the jewels.

- Although the jewelry can get wet, we recommend not to wet the jewels with gold bath so that it does not fade.

- Do not wear jewelry to sleep, shower or do physical activity, its exposure to factors such as the body sweating or even the pH level of the skin can affect the brightness, and, if applicable, bath gold.

- We recommend storing the jewelry individually, to prevent chafing between them and maintain texture, brightness and color.

- The brightness can be affected by exposure to the outdoors, so we recommend storing jewelry cases or jewelers.

- To clean the jewelry is recommended rubbing gently with a damp cloth with warm water, if necessary a soft toothbrush can be used to reach tight corners.

The moment you have lost your jewels gold plated you can contact us through our contact form to offer our gold plated services.